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It will probably come as a huge surprise to those of you who have perhaps read my posts in the past, maybe know me via the internet or perhaps even in real life, that I am actually writing a new post.  Am I going to write more new posts?  I certainly intend to.

“Yeah right, you’ve promised this before and we just end up emotionally scarred and crying in a corner, you monster!” may be a slightly severe reaction, and if that is yours then please book a consultation with a health care professional at the first available opportunity.  You may have the first recorded case in history of being psychologically scarred by an absentee blogger.

This website has had more rebirths than I can remember, so I’ll keep this post brief and then we can get on with some new content as soon as possible.  Deal?  Alright.

Firstly I have to thank the incredible Bush Mackel for now hosting the site for me, when it was about to die at the end of 2012.  It has been sat here just waiting patiently since then.  Which is something it has grown used to over the years.
If you have been a reader over the many years I was writing you may be wondering where a lot of the content has gone.  Basically I have removed a lot of the personal posts including the 12 of 12 archive, I have undergone a huge life change and everything is different now.

So new start, new posts, hopefully some interesting content.  I have been encouraged by my very nearest and dearest to get back into writing and to be creative again, so after procrastinating for eternity (I’m good at that, got there in the end :)) I’ve finally fired up the WordPress editor and put fingers to keyboard.  It’s a strange feeling after all this time.  Same desk, different computers and a whole new life.  Let’s see what happens.


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